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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Florals

Just back from the market and picked up more fresh flowers for the house. Splash of bright yellow golden showers in my recent Peter Hoe vase purchase, on my dining freshen things up.

Even though my apartment block is within a lush garden, and even though I kill anything that comes close to me. Electronics, cacti, horses....I still never learn.

I could not resist bringing home this gorgeous plant when I saw it. The pot of course sealed the deal. It is a mustard yellow tulip shaped pot! The plant is something something batik, said the shopkeeper. All I know is, that the leaves are the colours of a pink watermelon slices.

Closer look at them.... so pretty.

Like my fav gemstones the watermelon tourrmalines.

image via

I give them 3-6 months but T said they won't last 3 weeks pah !

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