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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacay !

Am off tomorrow for 5 days. Hed Kandi is playing on my system, have finished packed including Berocca for impending hangover(s).

Am off to meet T for a few after work beers at Sky Bar, Traders hotel. So have a good weekend everyone and see you next week.

KL Restaurant - Bread & Olives

Note to self - try this restaurant with a view.

Bread & Olives

A few kms away from the city centre and up on Look Out Point or Menara Tinjau, the cafe boasts a fab view of Kuala Lumpur.

This was supposedly taken on the cafe terrace.

Look Out Point, Pusat Pelancongan dan Menara Tinjau.
  • Exit the MRR2 at Pandan Indah Interchange.
  • Go straight until the T-Junction. (Esso will be on your left as you come up to the T-Junction). Turn right at the traffic light.
  • Take a left immediately at the next traffic light.
  • Take another left at the traffic light beside Puteri Plaza.
  • Turn right at the traffic light junction to Hulu Langat/Kajang. (Please take note, you might miss this turning).
  • From this traffic light go on the winding road for about 3 km.
  • Look out for the sign board 'Menara Tinjau'� on the right.
  • Turn in and drive up the hill, you will come across restaurants on the right with carpark.
  • You've reached!
( via this blog )

Except with my lack of bearings and the confusing directions, we would probably never make it there.

Cringe Factor 100000000

The media had a field day when Palin gave her farewell speech. I watched them all on youtube but decided to give her a chance and watch her whole speech. I could not sit through it. If I did, I would be foaming at the mouth.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gotta share this

Cruel Fate

Whale got stabbed by Cruise line hull. What are the chances of that happening?

Poor thing.

(found on guardian.)

Countdown to vacation

Only two more days and we will be flying south to Bali. The Thomases are there already and will be staying for 2 whole weeks, lucky $%@^!!

I have made reservations for dinner on Saturday for the birthday boy at Sarong and am planning on heading to Sip and Huú for lunches or dinners for the other nights. Sip is new but I didn't get to try it last time with the girls because we were busy pounding the shops.

There is one other bar I am meaning to try though it is quite far off, and it is the Temple Lounge in Karma Kandara resort in Jimbaran.

Imagine lounging there with a cold one......

Like a scene out of the Greek islands !

The hotel also has a private beach club called Nammos but I checked and non-staying guests can visit there too. We can go swimming or snokelling and chill out in their cabanas while they bake fresh pizzas in the stone ovens.

The cover charge is US 20 which would be deducted from your final F&B bill. Not bad.

So the plan is to head there early afternoon to soak in some rays and paddle in the coral reefs. Have pizza and beers at Nammos til about 3pm then head to Karma Wellness, the hotel spa.

The appointment has been booked and we will be having a facial and massage.

There are fewer things in the world more beautiful....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dim Sum Dollies

On Sundays, Reunion at Bangsar 2 serves up dim sum from 10 am til 3pm. We went for lunch instead. Nobody wants to wake up early on a Sunday not even for dim sum.

It was a ladies lunch and I had booked for 5. The couple bailed last minute. Queens you see, and newly weds too so they were probably still in bed cooing at each other.

Nevertheless the 3 of us at a lovely time. The dim sum this time, compared to the last experience in Singapore, was freshly prepared to order and much more satisfying.

The little bamboo baskets came bursting with steam and each dumpling or siew mai was succulent and sinfully good. We also ordered a mix platter of roast pork and duck. The meats were fatty and skin crispy, it was served with mustard for the duck and a tart honey sauce for the pork. Too good to describe.

Lunch only ended at 3 and after having 7 dishes and a dessert each, it came up to RM 130. By local standards it was expensive but I thought it was cheap as chips and I want to go back as soon as possible.

(pics via photoblog)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Divine Lebanese Fare

On Friday night, we were invited over to Bahar's place for dinner. She is a pastry chef running a cafe as well as a yoga centre. I used to go but now spend more time in the gym instead. I met her two years ago and since then, we have become good friends.

I spend quite a lot of time visiting her, usually with me cycling over to her house where she runs her businesses. We spend long afternoons upstairs where her family have their private quarters or downstairs in her cafe and her kitchen, chatting while she bakes. She and her husband are Iranian and are very generous and interesting. I always end up eating lunch there and invited to try all the pastries she makes.

Her life is extremely full, what with the yoga teaching, the cafe, now she's starting aa restaurant. Not only does the work demand 200% of her time, she also an adorable 2 year old who like all 2 year olds, just want to run around and wants attention. On top of all that, B is also now pregnant and has been sick all the time. She said with her first, Maya, she was ill up to the point of giving birth. Poor love.

On Friday, we were invited to her place because her new chef started work. They are starting a Lebanese restaurant and wanted us to taste his dishes. The food was simple but stunning. Fresh salads with mint and parsley and sweet sweet tomatoes, hummus and warm pita bread baked that day and a mushroom beef potato dish. Memories of our trip to Beirut flooded back.

I wanted to take pics of the dinner but started eating and never stopped except to make polite conversation. I did take some photos of the little darling though.

T said the baby reminds him of Rethi :) Always smiling.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love me Love My Chair

When I first met T, I remembered being introduced to his furniture. It was a mixture of wow and eeee. Over the years, I have weeded out the eee and we are now developing our own twosome style.

However, I have not yet been successful in the disposal of the chairs. They were designed by his mate who was back then a budding creator of all things scrap metallish and recon materials.

The two chairs are, in my opinion, absolutely hideous and it is a well known fact that I loathe them. But I have not been able to, though I desperately want to, set fire on them.

I guess it is sentimentality that is holding me back. They are afterall, a piece of someone's history.

Close up , the fabric is recon from London tube trains

I can't begin to comprehend what he was thinking when he made this.

Anyway, I have been perusing the shops in search for the perfect replacement chair. I have been using the top chair ( cos I dislike it less ) as my study chair and my patience has run out.

I have been lusting over different chairs and it was a tough decision.

This one is made from aluminium and someone I know has them and they are quite retro cool. Made famous by the set in Hugh Laurie's House.

The Starck Ghost chair always has a place in my heart but I think it is bit too cool for my house.
So after much thought, I have made my final decision and bought this, a copy of Eames DAW bucket chair in lime yellow.

Right now, it is being molded in some Chinese factory and will be delivered in 2 months. love..

Joke of the Day

Watched Top Gear a few nights ago and they had Michael Mcintyre as a guest and he was a comedic genius. He also has this a puppy dog cute appeal and I would imagine, someone you would bring home to mummy and she would fall in love instantly.

Went online to watch more of this comedic acts and found this one. M will identify with him as he likes to make fun of the English.

Made my day laughing out loud.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Travel website to note

If one day I get to the US of A, this website might prove useful. The title alone makes me want to read it, guess that's clever.

Not for Tourists is the local guide to mostly American cities but they are starting to slowly covering others like Paris and London. It is like Virtual Tourist and Tripadvisor in that you can submit your reviews but this looks a lot more chic and user friendly.

I mean it is not everyday that you get to narrow your search to bagel joints, farmers markets ( for london ) , donuts and 24 hour private investigators ?! ( new york ) do you?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Z is starting a clutch collection and I came across this designer Paige Gambler, who employs exotic skins and gemstones to create masterpieces.

Alligator skin with aura quartz

Dove Grey Crocodile and crystal libro &
Magenta Ostrich and Rose glass mezzo

Baby Blue Crocodile and Quartz Flower
Sky blue Ostrich and Rock Crystal
Mint Lizard and Crystal Flower

So Z what do you feel about skins now?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fuji Rock

Was out on friday night drinks with some of T's work mates. Few of the guys there were talking excitedly and it seems that they have all got tickets to to Japan's annual Fuji Rock Festival.

It is like Glastonbury but unlike it in many ways. Expect lush camping grounds not muddy cesspools. Expect well organised tents, elaborate food halls, civilised queueing and the lot.

The line up is impressive too with Oasis opening and others like Lily Allen, The Jets ..

There are also areas for family fun, cable cars to more remote areas where you are asked to dress up and act like children and play with flying foxes and dragonflies!!

You are required to bring your own ash trays to smoke, and I expect all the locals would. They are so tidy , these Japanese.

The guys are flying up on Thursday and they have printed out flags to post on top of their tents so they can find them in the sea of over 100,000 tents.

Their mascot ? ----- Dingo ate my Hello Kitty.

hahahahhaha. Have to get a copy of the flag and post it, it is absolutely hilarious.

Weekend Florals

Just back from the market and picked up more fresh flowers for the house. Splash of bright yellow golden showers in my recent Peter Hoe vase purchase, on my dining freshen things up.

Even though my apartment block is within a lush garden, and even though I kill anything that comes close to me. Electronics, cacti, horses....I still never learn.

I could not resist bringing home this gorgeous plant when I saw it. The pot of course sealed the deal. It is a mustard yellow tulip shaped pot! The plant is something something batik, said the shopkeeper. All I know is, that the leaves are the colours of a pink watermelon slices.

Closer look at them.... so pretty.

Like my fav gemstones the watermelon tourrmalines.

image via

I give them 3-6 months but T said they won't last 3 weeks pah !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling Uninspired ?

Do something different. com

The website that offers unique travel experiences. Choose any destination including some Asian spots like Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia or choose the type of activity. They categorise them according to food tours, wine tours, sports, culture etc and there is even a segment called "once in a lifetime experiences". They include helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon at Sunset, Sydney bridge climb, tour of Paris in a classic car or Las Vegas Top Gun flight.

I liked the Food & Drink options where you can buy a tour to be shown local fresh markets in say San Franciso or Delhi very Anthony Bourdain.

Or you can go on a camel safari and have a Bedouin dinner in the desert under stars and around a fireplace while being entertained by music and dancing.

It reminds me of the School of Life in London. I read about them in Monocle last year and it is a shop that offers the world-weary, overworked and uninspired a buffet of out of the box experiences.

School of Life's calendar is filled with philosophy workshops, conversation dinners, holidays in unexpected places even secular sermons.

70 Marchmont Street
London WC1N 1AB
T 020 7833 1010

Good to be American

Only because they have a program called Art in a Box. For only 30-50 bucks a month, the Compound Gallery will send subscribers an original artwork by local artists.

You will not know beforehand the artist nor the medium of work so you might end up with a painting or photo or even sculpture. Since it is an original art piece, everyone will receive a different one. How cool is that ?! Not only do you get a surprise every month, you are also supporting new artists.

Here are some of the artworks displayed on their website.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cultured Germans?

The Guardian today featured a really interesting article about Berlin's underground scene.

After the Wall came down and many fled the city, buildings left abandoned were taken up by squatters. Since then, not only have they inhabitated the space, they have turned them into the art squat, the dining squat, the cinema, gallery, concert squat....

The writer described one such food squat as having a student union cafe vibe. Grub there was so cheap and good that she is now tracking down the other Vokus ( food squat ) to eat at. There is a one that is so good but keeps moving around so they established a website updating fans of their next location.

Another, Supamolly, a squatting bar, organizes gigs and parties and they too have a website. Imagine going there for a drink.

Read the whole article here.

The squatters have termed it their Living Project. It is truly amazing what people come up with.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Last night we treated ourselves to a posh dinner at Frangipani's. I haven't been for over a year and we were heading to BB for drinks with friends later in the evening anyway.

Still a really sexy looking place, they have a new menu and it was very elaborate. Each item on the menu had a mini paragraph description.

The tasting menu looked tempting but I didn't think I eat so much, but I have a good mind to try it next time.

Amuse Bouche
Pre Starter of the Day
Soft potato blinis with sour cream, moluga caviar, lemon and
cauliflower black truffle foam
Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve NV
Warm tea smoked salmon with confit potatoes, crème fraîche and
salmon roe
Touraine, Cendrillon, Domaine de la Garrelière, 2006
Grilled basil garlic infused snails with sweet pea puree, dried
tomato glaze and garlic peanut crumble
Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh Sec, Château Montus, 2000
Pan seared foie gras with apple rendang served as a strudel
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, M. Chapoutier 2005
Citrus Air
Grilled Wagyu beef cheek with braised red cabbage, mole sauce
and pumpkin dauphines
Château Arnauton, 2004

Tasting Menu RM 158.00
Including Wines RM 258.00

Instead we had to start :-

Deep fried spice dusted soft shell crab with white bouillabaisse
sauce, tomato reduction, chickpea aïoli and saffron foam

Hickory smoked anchovies with cream cheese and lemon butter
sauce on a grilled organic rye and molasses toast

And the mains we had the lamb which was divine and I had the duck with crackling equally yum.

After dinner, we strolled over Ceylon Bar. It's a really chilled out kinda place and they show sports there too, last night it was the Ashes. Very backpacker and cheap beers.

We were saying a final goodbye to Pat Fama. He used to work in AJ and quit about 1 year ago. Since then, he has been travelling around Asia and he was now heading back to the UK for good.

Lots of people turned up for the leaving drinks, it was fun to catch up and when Sue and gang turned up, we were persuaded to pile into Frangi's for bit of dancing.

I really should fix my camera so I can start taking photos for keepsakes. Anyway, Frangi's was packed and the music was pretty good. Saturday not gay nights so there were some eye candy.

I am now sitting on my couch quite hungover. Should have lunch but so lazy.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bali Final Night

On the eve of our departure, we were still shopping til the sun went down. Kudeta doesn't stand a chance against Jalan Raya Seminyak.

By then I was carrying 4 bags and my feet were sore. We hopped into a cab and headed back for champagne in our pool.

Champagne became vodka peach cocktails and by 10pm we were ready to party. D was the designated make up artist and I the model :)

When we actually left the villa, she was rather perked . Huú bar was the club of choice.

Still a sexy looking place and expanded. The shop gallery is no longer, they are now making it a private dining spot. Mark, the bar manager came up and introduced himself. D cornered him and started going on about something. Me and Z just went straight to the bar to drink.

The bar still had those gorgeous lamps, this time in dirty yellow and D bought one. It is the same one as mine but with black flecks.

The garden area is now filled with tables and you can fall right onto their giant pillows on the grass. How cool. High heels and mabok ? No fear cos of the soft landing !!

We were downing strawberry daiquiris and D and Z hit the dancefloor. D was moving around so much she didn't realise that she stabbed this girl's ankle with her stiletto.

All I heard was a scream and a woman lying on the dancefloor writhing in agony. I was not at the crime scene, busy talking to some Republican who then moved away after I said T worked in AJ hahahha.

At 1 am, the lights came on and the music stopped !! Huú shuts really early and we were not happy. Especially D who kept requesting for Jackson songs. By this time, she was shouting shouting hahhaa.

The manager said he was going to be at Embargo so we decided that we would too. Getting into the cab we snagged a stranger, he left his mates to join us. No idea who he was but he was rather entertaining.

D was the star though, Man in the Mirror was sung over and over again til we got to Kuta. Music at Embargo can only be described as house, electric and drug-induced. Still, we took to the podium and started gyrating like its 1979. :)

At 3am, we were quite toasted and so left the club in search of food. Our cab driver was the sweetest, he took us to a side street hawker and we bought some nasi that was out of this world. Z even bought a pack for him. Good girl.

Finally at 4am, we collapsed into bed, happy drunks.

The next morning, we got up feeling less human but a dip in the icce cold pool sobered us up. My flight out of Bali was at 2.30pm so not much time to do anything else. I got the spa to send someone over to give me a massage and that was sooooooo good.

Breakfast was from Cabe Rawit. I remember their lontong sayur and Z yearned for their bubur ayam.

Cabe Rawit

Jl. Kunti 8
Seminyak 80361
BALI, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 7440 995
Fax: +62 361 7440 995

Amazing food, I am definitely going back there again.........

I think this is one of the best trips we have taken and we wish everyone including L and M could have joined us.

Same time next year perhaps?

Chick Flick

Last night I curled up to watch P.S I love you and cried into my oversized t-shirt. It was a perfect love story with death, new loves, hot men, hilarious one liners, great wardrobe and overflowing with cliches. I like...

I squealed when I saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing an Irish singer , I used to swoon over him when he played Denny Duquette in Grey's Anatomy. When Lisa Kudrow saw him, exclaimed "I want to buy him as a souvenir!" Haha

Friday, July 10, 2009

Boys' Weekend

T spent two days in Bangkok while I was in Bali and I booked him into the Fraser Place Langsuan.

They were offering a 2 bedroom apartment at only USD 162 a night and each bedroom had a double bed, own TV and ensuite bathroom. There is also a kitchen and living area so it could really sleep 4 maybe even 5 people super comfortably.

We will definitely plan another girlie weekend away and stay there this time. Apartments make so much more sense than hotel rooms especially if you want to hang out in your room and chill .

Even their one bedroom studio is 450 dq ft !

Best of all, is the location, it is off the main shopping strip and the closest train station is Chidlom. I smell a trip coming up soon...............

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Breakfast at...guess where?

Although our villa price came with breakfast, it was awful and we just ate out. I wrote a scathing review on tripadvisor and downgraded their rating. This is one villa I will not recommend to anyone.

Anyway, on day 3 together with R and baby, we went for breakfast at Kudeta. This would be our 3rd visit this trip and food was spectacular and very reasonable. I ordered the mexican breakfast, soft boiled eggs on refried beans, sour cream and chives sans avocado ( they ran out).

Z and D had the eggs and salmon on toast which was good too. R had the ricotta pancakes with roasted corn kernels and tomato salsa. Mouthwatering.

I am definitely going to go back there for breakfast end of this month. We are staying at Le Jardin villas, which is a 5 minute walk on the beach to Kudeta. Will post more about that later.

Joke of the Day

How a man uses Post it notes.