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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Breakfast at...guess where?

Although our villa price came with breakfast, it was awful and we just ate out. I wrote a scathing review on tripadvisor and downgraded their rating. This is one villa I will not recommend to anyone.

Anyway, on day 3 together with R and baby, we went for breakfast at Kudeta. This would be our 3rd visit this trip and food was spectacular and very reasonable. I ordered the mexican breakfast, soft boiled eggs on refried beans, sour cream and chives sans avocado ( they ran out).

Z and D had the eggs and salmon on toast which was good too. R had the ricotta pancakes with roasted corn kernels and tomato salsa. Mouthwatering.

I am definitely going to go back there for breakfast end of this month. We are staying at Le Jardin villas, which is a 5 minute walk on the beach to Kudeta. Will post more about that later.

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