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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bali Shopping Part 1

On Day 2 of our trip, we stormed the shops right after breakfast. D was arriving at 1pm so out of the goodness of our heart, we figured that Z and I should have a headstart, to weed out the shops that were not worth visiting.:)

We went along Jalan Raya Seminyak and within 2 hours bought Z picked out an exquisite blouse from Magali Pascal, I liked the shop but the clothes were not cheap although I almost bought this dress.

At Lila Lane, I purchased an unbelievably soft calf skin tote and a white pair of sandals. We went back to that shop 4 times during our entire trip to buy more bags and shoes. It is up there as one of our favs in Bali.

At noon, we meandered to Jari Menari for our appointment. Z had a foot massage while I did a back and head massage. This place is so popular that I had booked this massage while still in Malaysia !

Jari Menari literally means dancing fingers. During my oil free massage, I was lying on my tummy and the masseuse placed his warm palm on various parts of my back starting at my base and rocked me gently while the other hand applies pressure at the points along my spine. Bliss for 45 minutes.

It was as good as it sounds. The entire massage was very fluid and I fell asleep shortly afterwards. I wanted to try the four hand massage but they were too full to accomodate my request.

Z said her massage was quite painful but commented that her feet felt very good even after hours of shopping later in the day.

By 1pm we heard from D and she was on her way to the hotel to put her bags. We attempted a quick lunch and we were looking for the warung where L buys her paru but we failed to find it.

We found another warung and ate very cheaply albeit not very exciting. My noodles cost 7000 rupees which was a stupid US 0.80.

But we did manage to find the paru place and for 6 finger sized parus, he charged us 48k !!! Rip off !!

More shopping followed but soon it was 5pm and since the sun sets early in Bali, we left the shops reluctantly and went to Kudeta.

It was a good day!!

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