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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bali - Jason Miss

Just returned from a decadent trip from Bali with Z and D and we had a blast. On Saturday when we landed, it was just me and Z. D had family obligations and would only turn up the next day.

R came to the villa with 2.3 yr old baby Aisha. She was adorable and very friendly. When we said we were heading to Kudeta for the sunset, she was all smiles as she's the regular there just like mummy.

( image from flickr)

Kudeta is still the posh, place to be seen with your Manolos and Gucci sunglasses. Modelesque mummies and daddies parade with their toddlers in baby D&G. Even so, it is still the place to go cos the music is good, cocktail combinations are out of this world and fun to talk about the crowd and point out the weirder ones.

Z ordered a tall glass that had fresh passionfruit, white rum, vanilla and crushed ice.
I can't what I got but it wasn't that interesting. The next night we were there with D, we ordered a pitcher of their red sangria with strawberries and pineapples and that was good and quite strong.

So under R's recommendation, Z and I went to Chandi, Bali newest restaurant. It was a few doors from Rumours which was packing a full house. Chandi had a few empty tables but they were too booked. We had to sit at the bar to have dinner but that was cool cos it gave us a sweeping view of the dancefloor and the beautiful crowd.

The food is haute Indonesian cuisine , which means warung food done with a flourish. We had for appetisers:

Dumplings with black pepper crab - totally yum
Filo wraps filled with beef rendang and peanut sauce - dry and tasteless

For the main we had

Chicken soto - Rice cakes with grilled chicken in a broth and some fried bits on top
Za had something else and it too was blah.

We ordered a bottle of their red wines and the bill came up to 1.4 mil. That comes up to about SGD200 which was way overpriced for somthing so disappointing.

Still the place had its vibe and by 10pm, it was getting packed and a guy climbed onto the bar with his guitar and started playing. He was quite good and the dancefloor started to fill up with plastic blondes and plastic blondes'middle aged mothers hahaha. It was fun to watch.

We bought the singer a drink and requested for Jason Mraz's I'm Yours . He had our drink and announced that he didn't know this guy Jason MISS and his songs !!!!

That ended Day 1. More adventures to follow...............

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