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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hope you guys are having a great weekend. Here's something I saw by chance that made me laugh.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you and see you soon....

It's my final night in KL and it is hard to say goodbye. My friends have met up with me over the past week to say their farewells and it still feels a little unreal. I guess it will really hit me when I leave for the airport tomorrow.

D and S have spent several girlie nights with me in my apartment. We stayed up watching films and talking in bed. B came over and made us a roast lamb meal with all the trimmings.
S cooked her famous dishes over dinner last night, recipes that I will steal now.

The past 4 years are truly memorable especially for the people I have met here. They have been generous in every respect with me and I am eternally grateful.

This is not goodbye, I will see you guys again.

Thank you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Local Flavour On Silverscreen

My knowledge of Asian actors is limited and I do not follow the scene except when my good friend S, a veteren actor, is involved. When she suggested we watch a locally made movie, I was happy to join in as she knows a good movie.

The cast in Ice Kacang Puppy Love is star studded. 90% of the cast are established singers in Taiwan and across Asia. The lead, also writer and director Ah Niu almost broke his bank making this film and the media reported that most of the crew helped out by not getting paid to make his dream come true. 

I hardly watch Mandarin movies but this story, set in 80s Ipoh and Penang was charming and caught me laughing out loud many times.

The kampung scenes were not unfamiliar - playing with marbles, riding bicycles, toddlers sipping hot kopi from saucers, all reminded us of growing up in simpler times. I saw some aunties and uncles in the audience and I am sure they had flashbacks as well. 

The story was about first loves and relationships between children and parents. Although nothing was new, the movie was done in a thoughtful and non-cheesy manner. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. After the mover was a Q&A session with the actor/director and he was very shy but genuine. I googled him after  I was told I must have heard of his famous tune "The girl opposite looks over". Well, it was true, I have heard of this cute tune and actually like it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who knew ?

Thank goodness for friends. Especially girlfriends who always know where best to eat and shop. Last friday, D celebrated her birthday and since she was 6000 miles from home, S made a special dinner reservation at Moxies in Damansara Heights.

The location is not remote but it might as well be in Inner Mongolia for me as I hardly venture beyond the city. The place was known for its steaks and they did impress.

(These pics came from kampungboycitygal)

S had booked the private dining room which was like the rest of the restaurant, very french boudoir. They might as well pipe in the Moulin Rouge soundtrack but instead we got the worst of the 80s ( think richard marx). We had the whole room to ourselves and even though we struggled to understand the waiters, we were happy with the food and service.

There were different choices of meat cuts and the saucier obviously creative ( or bored ) as the options endless including volcanic sambal sauce ( Why ?). Desserts were good too, they even gave the birthday girls a sinfully yummy chocolate lava cake complete with a candle.

After the dinner we were in search of a bar with better music and someone suggested a new bar even further away from the city. Ecoba was the latest addition to KL's drinking scene and housed within an office block that had a really cool industrial feel to it. Fairfaced concrete beams with raw brick walls and floors.

At first glance the bar was very interesting and crowded with happy drinking people. Since it was so full, the only available spot was a group of bean bags on a raised platform. We plonked ourselves there and surveyed the crowds. The scene was quite young and music rather dancey but there was nowhere to boogie. Talking was impossible so everyone was shouting. After one drink, I felt my age and suggested leaving. There was no resistance as we all climbed clumsily out of the seats to head on home.

It was fun night and D had a good time too. Happy birthday again !!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going ...going

The past week has been long. Finally the movers came in yesterday and packed away our essentials for shipment. The bare essentials amounted to 43 boxes. I have no idea how to deal with this on the other end. Unpacking is going to be even more stressful.

So T is out of Malaysia for good tomorrow morning and we are spending today tidying up accounts and lawyers. Tonight we are planning a quiet dinner just the two of us, at the first restaurant we ever came to in KL  4 years ago- Tamarind Springs.

He has said his goodbyes and is looking forward to new adventure in the desert. I still have a few weeks to spend time with my good friends thank goodness.

Last night after a whole day of taping boxes, moving stuff around and clearing up the junk we have carried with us for the past 7 years, we sat down and started to think. One day, we will need to stop moving and stay permanently in one spot. He has moved in and out of 8 countries already and it will be time to settle down soon. Where though was the question. S is the obvious choice since family is there, but so is the UK.

Strangely, both countries no longer hold any attraction for me besides familiarity. We have decided that city life is just not desirable anymore. Congestion, pollution, stress of crowds and lack of spaces, is somehow getting to me. I crave open green spaces, 15-20 degree temperatures, clean air. I want a stream running in my garden, the farmers' market every sunday, local grocer instead of Cold Storage, walking on grass in the backyard, the barbeques and campfires. Lakeviews instead of reality TV.

I hope one day we will find this place and we will, because we both want the same thing. New Zealand was a dreamscape for me and I hear BC in Canada is the same.

Perhaps this is an indication of my advancing age but perhaps it is not silly to want a better quality of life.