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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going ...going

The past week has been long. Finally the movers came in yesterday and packed away our essentials for shipment. The bare essentials amounted to 43 boxes. I have no idea how to deal with this on the other end. Unpacking is going to be even more stressful.

So T is out of Malaysia for good tomorrow morning and we are spending today tidying up accounts and lawyers. Tonight we are planning a quiet dinner just the two of us, at the first restaurant we ever came to in KL  4 years ago- Tamarind Springs.

He has said his goodbyes and is looking forward to new adventure in the desert. I still have a few weeks to spend time with my good friends thank goodness.

Last night after a whole day of taping boxes, moving stuff around and clearing up the junk we have carried with us for the past 7 years, we sat down and started to think. One day, we will need to stop moving and stay permanently in one spot. He has moved in and out of 8 countries already and it will be time to settle down soon. Where though was the question. S is the obvious choice since family is there, but so is the UK.

Strangely, both countries no longer hold any attraction for me besides familiarity. We have decided that city life is just not desirable anymore. Congestion, pollution, stress of crowds and lack of spaces, is somehow getting to me. I crave open green spaces, 15-20 degree temperatures, clean air. I want a stream running in my garden, the farmers' market every sunday, local grocer instead of Cold Storage, walking on grass in the backyard, the barbeques and campfires. Lakeviews instead of reality TV.

I hope one day we will find this place and we will, because we both want the same thing. New Zealand was a dreamscape for me and I hear BC in Canada is the same.

Perhaps this is an indication of my advancing age but perhaps it is not silly to want a better quality of life.

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