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Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you and see you soon....

It's my final night in KL and it is hard to say goodbye. My friends have met up with me over the past week to say their farewells and it still feels a little unreal. I guess it will really hit me when I leave for the airport tomorrow.

D and S have spent several girlie nights with me in my apartment. We stayed up watching films and talking in bed. B came over and made us a roast lamb meal with all the trimmings.
S cooked her famous dishes over dinner last night, recipes that I will steal now.

The past 4 years are truly memorable especially for the people I have met here. They have been generous in every respect with me and I am eternally grateful.

This is not goodbye, I will see you guys again.

Thank you.

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PoShInPiNk said...

we love and miss you.....S