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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Local Flavour On Silverscreen

My knowledge of Asian actors is limited and I do not follow the scene except when my good friend S, a veteren actor, is involved. When she suggested we watch a locally made movie, I was happy to join in as she knows a good movie.

The cast in Ice Kacang Puppy Love is star studded. 90% of the cast are established singers in Taiwan and across Asia. The lead, also writer and director Ah Niu almost broke his bank making this film and the media reported that most of the crew helped out by not getting paid to make his dream come true. 

I hardly watch Mandarin movies but this story, set in 80s Ipoh and Penang was charming and caught me laughing out loud many times.

The kampung scenes were not unfamiliar - playing with marbles, riding bicycles, toddlers sipping hot kopi from saucers, all reminded us of growing up in simpler times. I saw some aunties and uncles in the audience and I am sure they had flashbacks as well. 

The story was about first loves and relationships between children and parents. Although nothing was new, the movie was done in a thoughtful and non-cheesy manner. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. After the mover was a Q&A session with the actor/director and he was very shy but genuine. I googled him after  I was told I must have heard of his famous tune "The girl opposite looks over". Well, it was true, I have heard of this cute tune and actually like it.

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