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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Restaurant with a view

Not with a conventional view. A view of performing artists. A dinner theatre concept I guess but with a new twist. The Circus, in Covent Garden, London. This place has been designed by Tom Dixon, someone I admire. The setting looks very glamorous and intimate. 

What really did it for me, was the menu graphics. It is so good looking. I love the font and art deco feel. Oh yea and the food sounds amazing too.

I bought D, my brother in law, a dining voucher there for his upcoming birthday. Hope they have a great time there. 

Jones in Doha

The Australian delicatessen Jones the Grocer is now in Doha. Super exciting! They opened in a upscale mall called The Gate just last week and it is the hottest place in town. Of course without a liquor license and pork, the menu is limited but still the food is outstanding and priced well enough to bring people in for lunch everyday which for Doha, is very unusual. Eating out gets very expensive.

We spoke with one of the managers who told us that the royals in Abu Dhabi owned the chain and loved it so much, had a Jones installed in his palace. Of course, why not ?

Baby shower for C and N

In 4 weeks or less, our friends C and N will be welcoming twin boys. What a blessing! The baby shower was a few days ago and the host of the baby shower, had a great gift idea. Favorite books from our childhood for the new family's library.

I love the idea but had to get books online because there are no decent bookshops in Doha. I was going to gift "The Giving Tree" but I took too long and by then it was too late to get in from Amazon and I didn't want to give up my only copy. That book isn't from my childhood, it happens to be a treasured find in my old age. However my family doesn't do reading at any time, bedtime or otherwise so finding a childhood favourite book title is not easy for me.

The only books I do recall having were Enid Blyton titles, the Mallory Towers, Famous Fives. I doubt the babies want to hear that in their bedtime routines.

So I had to find something fast! My search was futile and so I decided to make them some snacks. Cute snacks. Well tuna finger sandwiches dressed cute. This was for the shower.

I potato carved a heart. Done that recently? Quite fun actually. Stamped the bread with food colouring and
cut them in squares.

Even taste pretty good with spicy mayo dressing.

But seriously, I did find a book for the Cs. Although the book is not kid friendly, it is however bound to make the parents laugh and hopefully one day, they would read it as a family.

James Finn Gardner  even has a blog. His writing is very funny.

What would you have chosen from your childhood if you were me?

A Day of Mourning

Yesterday a mall in Doha caught fire and there were 19 casualties. 6 girls and 7 boys. 3 boys were triplets just over 2 years of age. Another 3 were siblings. I received many calls from friends, neighbours and emails for abroad asking if we were ok. I never expected them and it  was very heartwarming to know that you had us in your thoughts. Thank you.

I wanted to add this post, to remember them and their families. A year from now I will forget today but I don't want to forget. I am going to take life seriously and love seriously.

May you rest in peace and your family find strength to cope with the loss.