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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby shower for C and N

In 4 weeks or less, our friends C and N will be welcoming twin boys. What a blessing! The baby shower was a few days ago and the host of the baby shower, had a great gift idea. Favorite books from our childhood for the new family's library.

I love the idea but had to get books online because there are no decent bookshops in Doha. I was going to gift "The Giving Tree" but I took too long and by then it was too late to get in from Amazon and I didn't want to give up my only copy. That book isn't from my childhood, it happens to be a treasured find in my old age. However my family doesn't do reading at any time, bedtime or otherwise so finding a childhood favourite book title is not easy for me.

The only books I do recall having were Enid Blyton titles, the Mallory Towers, Famous Fives. I doubt the babies want to hear that in their bedtime routines.

So I had to find something fast! My search was futile and so I decided to make them some snacks. Cute snacks. Well tuna finger sandwiches dressed cute. This was for the shower.

I potato carved a heart. Done that recently? Quite fun actually. Stamped the bread with food colouring and
cut them in squares.

Even taste pretty good with spicy mayo dressing.

But seriously, I did find a book for the Cs. Although the book is not kid friendly, it is however bound to make the parents laugh and hopefully one day, they would read it as a family.

James Finn Gardner  even has a blog. His writing is very funny.

What would you have chosen from your childhood if you were me?

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