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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer break

It may seem like we travel alot but we don't. Just so happens that after a month back from Singapore, we are packing to leave again. This time to Sri lanka, for T's 50th birthday celebrations. We have invited some of his close friends to stay in the house with us and it is all very exciting.

He didn't want to be reminded about getting older but his friends would not let this occasion slip by without a party. So off to the house for the 3rd time this year. It will be furnished this time woohoo!

The dining table, chairs, sofa and lights have been delivered to the house. We will arrive Thursday and start prepping the house before the other guests turn up.

I bought a few bright pillows on Etsy and it will bring some colour to the room, which is now basically a lot of shades of grey.

This one is from Urban Pillow.

And these from Mica Blue.

These pillows are outdoor and indoor pillows which hopefully means colours will stay vibrant for a long time. It took a long time deciding on colour scheme for the house, but now I have settled on turquoises and cyans. Hot pinks will be thrown into the mix once I get my husband to agree. He's not big into colour.

Meanwhile I am busy putting together some party ideas that are quite silly. I haven't bought him anything so decided that creating a memorable birthday party will be the gift itself.

An email was sent to friends and family with a questionnaire.
Questions included " The funniest thing T has done was...., and T drives me crazy when he does.... etc"

I am sure reading these comments aloud, would be quite entertaining. Plus reading them while wearing ridiculous wigs that I bought from Costumecraze would make it ever more funny.

For the dining setting, and I am not sure how I am going to do this yet but, create a centerpiece with branches from the garden.

Something like these? And hang old photos from the branches.

Or have the branch lie flat and stick the photos and tealights amongst the branches.

For the place mats, I found T's old school report cards that had the funniest comments and laminated them in A4 sizes.

Will be back early August and post some photos.

Have a great summer you.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Z and I flew to Singapore for a short holiday, to see friends and family. Dad stayed at home because he could not take the time off and had other trips planned during our time away.

Z is 20 months old, 12.5 kg and a highly energetic boy most times, had to sit on mummy's lap since she was too cheap to buy him a separate ticket. The journey took 7.5 hours too long and we left at 1am which meant no sleep for either of us. The combination of jet engines and red eyes was a deadly mixture that ended in tears. He finally fell asleep after furiously kicking and screaming, but just for 2 miserly hours. My arm fell asleep but I failed to get any.

Anyway, when we landed, all was well. Singapore's green lushness was such a sight for sore eyes and especially coming from 50 degree heat in Doha.

The rest of the holiday was spent outdoors with grandparents. My little niece who is now 2.5 years old joined us and it was a blissful reunion.

Z who will not remember a thing years from now, but he had many many firsts.

1. Going to the Singapore zoo. ( total knock out place, one can rent wagons to drag kids along or go for elephant rides).

2. Water play in public areas, free of charge and outrageously fun for all.

3. Feeding kangkong leaves to goats at Farmart Centre in Lim Chu Kang.

4. Eating durian ( Dad does not appreciate this)

5. Seeing a rooster for the first time- Z flapped his arms.

6. Riding a bus.

7. Meeting his Asian relatives. Mum's sisters came to visit.

8. Sharing moments with his cousin.

It was so fun taking him around and watching his eyes explore the surroundings.

As for me, my trip was extra special, as I surprised one of my best friends on her birthday. I turned up at the Grand Hyatt Straits Kitchen restaurant where Z, L and D were dining and sprung up. All that was missing was M, but she was still in Bali and only arrived end of the week.

We had a blast catching up, it felt like years since we saw each other, but nothing has changed. Just a little older and maybe wiser and the banter took off without missing a beat.

Later that week, we met up with M, at Pasha. A stylish rooftop bar in Aliwal Street. This time with M, who was also in town for another high school reunion. Now the circle is complete. Thank you ladies. I will be back soon or see you in SL next year.