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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chair lust

There are chairs and there are chairs. Those you have in your office for sitting at the desk. The low slung types where you sit curled up with a cup of coffee while on the phone. The plushy deep seat ones where you snuggle with a good book and nap. There are so many and each unique in their own design.

I have been sharing dining chair photos with my friends and even though we have different tastes, it's fun to see what other people like or dislike.

Here are some more of my favourites. The Gus rocker from here.

John Luff's low rocker from here.

Patricia Urquiola's Tropicalia range that includes this low lounger that also comes in black.

And the ultimate hanging chair. I love this.

As a child, I remember sitting on similar looking chairs insofar as they were made of plastic tubing. It is hard to describe it but it looks like this basket chair. This seems more sturdy than the one I had as a kid. Mine was more springy but essentially it looked the same.

It is quite hard to find those chairs now, if anyone knows where please let me know.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Doha rocks!

We may live in the desert where not much happens, but when it rains it pours. Last week I went and saw two outdoor concerts. James Blunt was on Valentine's Day and Cat Stevens a couple of days later.

J.Blunt played in a tiny stage set on the beach of the Intercon hotel. Tickets were 250 each, so not cheap but we were standing 10 metres aways from the guy!

There were booze kiosks dotted on the beach so the men especially appreciated that. I went with two girlfriends but was surprised to see so many men there. I guess since it was V Day, most either were forced to or thought it was a romantic gesture.

It was a great night out.

Taken on my camera phone so quality sucked.

The Cat Stevens concert was also outdoors but the stage was massive and there must have been close to 3,000 spectators. We bought tickets early so had really good seats, just 2 rows behind the VIPS.

He sang alot of new songs but kept the crowd happy with the oldies and at 60, the man still has it. Even the emir gave him a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

Rumour has it that Elton will be gracing the Doha scene within weeks. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Please forgive me

My absence was due to having too many accounts, with too many user names and passwords. Compounded by the fact that I got lazy and uninspired and so lost interest in writing in my blog. It may not look it, but keeping regular updates is a rather time-consuming affair.

But I finally sorted my crap out and am back online again.

For my first post in 6 months, I am going to start slow.

We are trying to put the soft furnishings into the house and one of the things to decide, is a headboard for the bedrooms.

S suggested that we have a headboard that goes all the way to the ceiling, giving height to the room. A luscious velveteen headboard is what we are after. I do like the button tufted look like this.

The choice of fabric above is not my favourite, something more colourful from Designer Guild collections is what I prefer. Which colour goes best with a brick wall you think?

Here is a snapshot of the house with the door frames installed. The glass has not been delivered yet but you get a sense of the space. In this photo, the bedroom has a cement rendered headboard as the back of the headboard is a wardrobe. For the other bedrooms, the bed is set right against the wall and so a headboard is necessary.

Over the past week, T had been to the island for a boys' trip. His closest university mates came all the way from the UK to see the build and even camped out there for a night.

Here is a shot of them making dinner on a makeshift kitchen. I bought the stove for USD 30 on my last trip, this would be for the kitchen that we have yet to build. The boys bought a gas canister and some pots and cutlery. For dinner, they fried up some tuna and had it with some pasta.

At night, they laid out the mattresses and bless them, slept with some cheap sheets and without taking the plastic sheeting off the mattresses either! They made do with very little but wanted to, just to experience staying at the house.

A snapshot at 6am, when the sun was just peeking from the trees beyond the pool.

As for me, I cannot wait for the whole house to have doors and proper furniture. I do not fancy camping so hopefully by April when we visit, the rest of the house will be done!