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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lazy Afternoon

Today T had the day off so we spent all afternoon on the couch surfing the internet. We only got up once to put in a DVD. Anyone seen Frost Nixon? I didnt realise until I watched it that Frost financed the whole interview himself and it almost broke him. It cost him 2 million and this was in late 70s. Ballsy eh. Nixon and again I didn't know until this movie, was a highly manipulative and formidable man.

Now I am still after a dress idea, I think I will get something tailored if I can find the right fabric. Though I think they won't have a clue how to copy this number from Sarah Seven. To order from etsy would be too costly but I love the colour.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Dress

It is A's wedding in June and I need a dress.

Well I want a dress, same difference.

Found these designs from Jenny Yoo based in New York, aren't her creations divine?

Don't you just love pockets in a dress?

Or this fluid number, so romantic......

Hmm perhaps I can get a tailor to copy it......

Flower Power

So I am no longer working, sad to say I am a victim of the recession. The dip in markets hit the asthetic medicine industry and one has to trim the fat ie me. The announcement disappointed me but I was grateful for the opportunity. The experience though brief was fulfilling. I now have to find a new job or a new hobby. Employment has always been a tough in Malaysia and so the best I can do is finding a new hobby.

Over the past weeks, I have started decorating the flat with fresh flowers and it is so nice to have them around while I work on my desk or cook in the kitchen and even when I am in my bathroom.

So I decided to be more serious about it and learning more about floral arrangement online and from magazines. The art of floral display is simple but I have seen some amazing arrangements that I would never be able to replicate. So I have taken a course on it. Found a school that teach people who are interested in opening a flower shop or just as a hobby.

I have only taken 3 out of the 20 lessons and already I am thinking of opening my own flower shop and calling it "The Flower Girl" :)

So I learnt several different shapes of arrangements and here they are.

The Triangular Shape Arrangement

Posy shape

Horizontal arrangement

I will be documenting my lessons as I go along. The flower school has asked for volunteers for doing arrangement at a Buddhist temple during Vesak Day next week and I have shamelessly signed up. Hopefully they won't throw me out. :)

Now who needs bouquets ? Order at 1800- The Flower Girl

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Comic Relief

Maybe you have already seen this. It won a Bafta last week and it is hilarious. Be prepared to roll on floor laughing til you ache.

French and Saunders made this short film about Mamma Mia for Comic Relief, a charity show in the UK. Sienne Miller, Patsy from Ab Fab, Little Britain cast, all in thre. Brillant stuff except I can't post it here.

Here's the link. Part 1 and Part 2.

Please watch it, it's the funniest thing I have seen this year.

Wicked Weekend

It was great fun having Z and D around, we did alot of shopping. The bar scene in KL as usual was a major letdown, we ended up hopping to 4 different bars and still did not get a dance in.

The highlight was the eating and the shopping. Bought some lovely vases from Peter Hoe's, a local designer. Z bought more tea light holders and D bought a 5 foot long metallic tray shaped like a banana leaf.

The clothes shopping wasn't bad too. D scored this gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg Falling Ginkgo dress. She looks much more elegant than this model but here's a photo. Not great pic but the dress is a deep blue and the gingko print in a soothing green. It even has pockets and drapes exceptionally well. Good to go from work to a cocktail party.

Z found a eye catching and uber comfy silk knit from Kenzo. Can't find a sample online but maybe will take a pic of her wearing it oneday.

I came away with 3 floor sweeping dresses, exactly what I was looking to buy. Remember this girl? Well I found the same dress but in brown.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie to Watch

We bought several dvds when we were last in England and never watched them. Last night, we shook the cobwebs off one and stuck it on. A German film called The Lives of Others. Brillant film, it was on several critics' top ten lists of best films in 2007.

The film was based on the German secret police spying on the cultural scene in Berlin. The key spy started to live vicariously through his subjects and it only amplified the emptiness in his own life. He was finally instrumental in their bittersweet ending. The final scene was especially poignant but I shan't spoil it by talking about it.

Have a great weekend ! D and Z are coming up here tomorrow and we have lots to do like

2. Fancy dinner at Tamarind Hills on Saturday
3. Browsing in the night market in Bangsar
4. 2 and half hours of Decadence in Vila Manja :) and
5. A Wii- face off !

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Responsible Homewares

I am in the market for some candle sticks/stands after I saw these on desire to inspire's blog.

I managed to find similar ones in Om at KLCC but they were out of my budget so I thought of supporting handmade things on the etsy shop and chanced upon these recycled alternatives

Copper piping upcycled, how clever. Click to etsy shop

Or what about these hand carved faceted pieces from Jean Pelle. I love the jewelled look and they come in matt silver too.

Then for some reason the search on etsy threw up these glass plates there are melted down in the kiln to produce some stunning plates and bowls. This is from branscomeglass.

Electric blue platters from melting Skyy vodka bottles to produce these beauties by bentbottle

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Britain vs American

Have you guys seen the latest from Britain Got Talent reality show? I have never watched it only because Starworld here only shows American Idol. Recently there has been several individuals who made headlines. Susan Boyle, the middle aged and ugly, Shaheen Jafargholi, 12 year old, both stunned the world by showing real talent.

I can't seem to post the videos online, you will need permission, I guess because they have become copyrighted but if you haven't heard these two, go to youtube.

American idol has an age limit for participants but in Britain they don't seem to care which is great. Anyway I predict there will be a Granny or Gramps Idol soon. Am sure there are alot of retirees out there with a good voice and would sell records. We are an aging planet nevertheless.

French Docu

I have never heard of Phillipe Petit until last night when we watched Man On Wire, a documentary about his life.

He became famous when he sneaked into World Trade Center in NYC and walked on a tight rope between the two towers in 1974. The film documented Petit and his friends plotting this stunt which took 6 years of planning. It involved multiple trips to the WTC to observe guards, pure chance meetings with a fan who worked in WTC and provided Petit with his pass to replicate and rigs to practise walking during high winds and many many more.

I must admit, the whole film was produced with an elegance that is quintessentially french. As the story unfolds, so many times during the movie you were sure they will fail. Like they could not figure out how to string the cable across the towers and ran through so many different options until they came to using bow and arrow. Also when they got to 104th floor and there was a guard so they had to hide under some random canvas for 3 hours without moving.

Totally awe-inspiring and srangely tragic too because towards the end, his best friend broke down when they asked there were more stunts to come, only stopping to affirm that there will never be anymore stunts. His girlfriend revealed that Petit was no longer the same person after that and the fame may have eaten him up.

Man On Wire. I recommend it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wishing for Winter

I sometimes wished we didn't live quite so close to the equator just so that we can pile on winter wear and boots.

Love these beautiful woolly hats and matching accessories from Berlin's Rike Feurstein. M - you can, our ears would simply melt unless we camp out in the malls where the aircon is forever on maximum.

I particularly liked this bowler hat.

Games Weekend

Played a round of golf last Friday and was completely rubbish since I hadn't gone out for close to 2 months. Was inspired by the recent Masters but on the course, I was doing more landscaping than actual golf.

Undefeated, I decided to hone my skills indoor with the Wii golf. No sun, no nasty mozzies , no sweat. Spent the entire Sunday afternoon playing on the Wii, tennis, golf, baseball... this morning my arm was aching.

Sometimes when I am spectacularly bored, I play this mind numbing free game online - Penguin Diner Dash. It's mindless but rather entertaininly for about 10 minutes.

( play here - link )

Backside Dancefloor

Last Friday we went out for dinner with T's work mates and their friends at TSB in Bangsar, food was outstanding and the conversation civilised.

After about a bottle of wine apiece, we all agreed to head to the new club in BB called En Vie. Apparently, they just opened and there is an "interactive dancefloor".

There were too many for the car so we had to split up. T drove and I led the way so obviously got lost. Anyway we finally got there and the others had already been to the club and left and were nursing drinks at a different bar next door. I didn't get to see this hyped up dancefloor afterall but T snucked off to have a peak while I was getting drink orders. He came back to report that the place was full of Ah Bengs.

I went online today to see if someone posted a video and found the interactive dancefloor. It was just rubbish. Am not going to post it here just trust me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Laughs

It's only Thursday I know but T's is not working tomorrow so we are off to play some golf. The weekend's come early for me.

So have a great weekend everyone ! And here's an old video but still freaking funny. haha!

Home cooked gourmet meal

I had plenty of time today so I made my all time favourite dish- Miso Cod. I first tried this dish in Singapore at The Pier restaurant, one Fullerton Rd about 5 years ago and the delicious experience stayed with me. Only in recent times I realised that it wasn't hard to make and whose recipe better to rip off than the legendary Wolfgang Puck.
( click here if you want the recipe)

This is not my photo obviously but I can't take nice food pics so I nicked this one online.

I am serving this with ginger rice........................................yummy......................

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time to Party like its 1995

Today when I was at the supermarket picking up dinner for tonight ,I was told T had invited people over for a game of tennis. Checked my watch and my mind started racing.... hmm people..... I get to feed them.... what to cook what to cook.....

So I made DIY Chicken Tortillas.

Basically it grilled chicken, peppers, caramalised onions and assortment of spreads and cheese. You had to put it together yourself and well as you can guess, it was a pretty messy affair. Still it was very nice. Not bad for throwing dinner together with half hour notice. But now I want to plan another proper dinner party. So I am gathering ideas and came up with some.

How about this canape display idea ! No idea what the purple bits are suppose to be. Can't be food right?

And these lights, I know here it is done outdoors but I think I can replicate them for indoors.

With the level of prep that will go into the next party I think it's best to wait til Christmas. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Project Tree House

Blog surfing not only relaxes me but takes me to different worlds and shows me things I never expect to see, like this restaurant in Auckland. Z, if you ever go to the North Island, I hope you get to dine here. Isn't it just a dream?

Here the Yellow Treehouse.............

Read all about this amazing place here

Got the Paint Bug

I like getting paint in my hair, well I must do cos I am now going to start painting other rooms !! T says at long as it is not within his eye line, he's okay with whatever. So the only place I can colour is the front door area !

So far I have decided on green but question is which shade. Here are some green rooms and they all look good.

Olive green ?

Apple green as in the shelves?

Or the ever slight mint green?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home Improvement Weekend

This weekend was home improvement weekend. yesterday I started putting the first coat of paint on the guest room walls. Today I finished it and it doesn't look half bad. T was in charge of rewiring the sound system in the living room. he went out and bought some speakers and now we have surround sound!

I am just getting the room together before Z and D comes and I hope there is time to do every thing.

I am still crap at painting and have already gotten it on the door and the ceiling already.

So what colour did I pick? Once the whole room is done, I will take some pics.

But for now, I'll need some finishing touches like perhaps a bedside lamp. Kartell's Cindy Lamp designed by Laviani is stunning, i will have to find something that is a close to it here in M.

And some wall art. I ordered some wall decals online yesterday but it won't arrive in time. They can make a rather striking statement in a room and I wonder if it might be too larger-than-life for my itsy bedroom. Will wait for them to arrive first and then I will decide.

I was tempted to get this but T will think it's too girly.

So I settled for these instead.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A truly moving photo tale

I choked reading Philip's photo blog, a tribute to his father in their last days together. If you have time do visit his blog and I bet it will make waves in your heart too.

This is Philip Toledano's story....
(click on the photos and the story unfolds )

Woke up to a grey sombre morning. It's raining quite a lot these days and my laundry is taking forever to dry.

Rainy sunset 2007 by Mark Elverson

But anyhow, its a holiday sunny? S tomorrow so have a great Easter !!

(Bunnies by Mmmcrafts)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to L

You are a year younger !!! Macham Benji Button, going backwards.

Happy birthday and wish I was there to celebrate it with you.

I have known L for too long and we have had our bumper crop of side splitting laughs, drunken episodes and ridiculous situations.

May you always be insane and wonderful.

Happy Birthday to You

awful start

Woke up this morning feeling like I haven't slept and to top that, its bad hair day.

Am going to try to have some breakfast and blog later this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

This one's for you Z

I stumbled upon a blog by Linda who may live in Florida but shares our love for creative and yummy cocktails. Her blog Lime in the Coconut shared this little nugget that sounds absolutely mouth watering. Z you have got to try it or we shall when you roll into town in the next few weeks.

Drum roll....................IN-TRO-DUCING.....................

the basil and lime martini !!!

Recipe :
  • Basil leaves,
  • fresh lime juice
  • favourite vodka
  • water
  • sugar
Simmer sugar and water until syrupy and leave to cool.
muddle basil leaves in sugar mixure
add lime juice and vodka
shake and serve.

i think this drink will look even lovelier with the martini glass edge coated with green sugar.

Thanks Linda !

Change of view

Am having a really strange day, i think it's Monday's fault. Besides the change of clothing style, now I am yearning a complete change of scenery.

How I wish my front door led to a view like this.

( image from flickr )

monday blues' dress

The week is starting again and yes we all wish sunday had more hours too. Do you have those days when you hate what you are wearing and wish you had a more interesting style? well for me today is one of those days. I want to look like her and have that great dress

( from nordstrom via simple lovely's blog )

Saturday, April 4, 2009

sex on heels

This pair of sexies are courtesy of designer Bruno Frisoni. Very girlie don't you think, perfect for D? Who doesn't like a 4 1/2 incher :) Problem is in the price here.

Since we are on the subject of matching shoe to person, i have decided to look for designs that i think suits each one of my friends.

Picking a pair of patent black knee high boots for M is way too easy. This pair of Christian Louboutins' camel coloured platform heels are screaming M's name. The shoe is so well sculptured and its neutral tone with a hint of naughty red only seen from the back.

As for me, I pick this hot pink pair also Louboutins . I can't get enough of peep toe shoes. Adore the snowflakey embroidery work.

And as for L, a pair of Kate Spade's "Ëllen"peep toe cork wedges. Sassy and chic at the same time. Can see her is a sundress with these, going from school to the beach for an all night party !!

Z will pull these Givenchy off perfectly. She will probably have the lingerie that matches too!!

So what do you think of my choices for you. I love all the shoes really and wish we could do our own version of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants but with shoes instead. We could record our adventures with the shoes with photos and postcards .

anyone in ?!!!

bling bling

P from T's office who quit a few months ago has since moved back to Australia. He contacted me a few days ago to ask if I could show his mates around. These guys were blowing into town for 24 hours and we hooked up a few drinks at Traders' H.

T came with me but left the party early cos he had to work the next day but some others came to join us and we ended up dancing til 2am. It was a total blast.

He is a jeweller designer and specializes in old world antique pieces while creating his own signature line. Statement Jewels is what he calls them and you should see the bling he had on himself ! His husband is a filmaker and you could see they adored each other.

I had a look at his collection online this morning and I just saw some of the brooches though ornate, are quite striking like this cresent encrusted with diamonds

or this 19th century gecko with opals is quite charming.

my style is still playful colours like isn't this stack of precious stones just yummy !! one for every day of the week!