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Saturday, April 4, 2009

bling bling

P from T's office who quit a few months ago has since moved back to Australia. He contacted me a few days ago to ask if I could show his mates around. These guys were blowing into town for 24 hours and we hooked up a few drinks at Traders' H.

T came with me but left the party early cos he had to work the next day but some others came to join us and we ended up dancing til 2am. It was a total blast.

He is a jeweller designer and specializes in old world antique pieces while creating his own signature line. Statement Jewels is what he calls them and you should see the bling he had on himself ! His husband is a filmaker and you could see they adored each other.

I had a look at his collection online this morning and I just saw some of the brooches though ornate, are quite striking like this cresent encrusted with diamonds

or this 19th century gecko with opals is quite charming.

my style is still playful colours like isn't this stack of precious stones just yummy !! one for every day of the week!

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