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Monday, April 6, 2009

This one's for you Z

I stumbled upon a blog by Linda who may live in Florida but shares our love for creative and yummy cocktails. Her blog Lime in the Coconut shared this little nugget that sounds absolutely mouth watering. Z you have got to try it or we shall when you roll into town in the next few weeks.

Drum roll....................IN-TRO-DUCING.....................

the basil and lime martini !!!

Recipe :
  • Basil leaves,
  • fresh lime juice
  • favourite vodka
  • water
  • sugar
Simmer sugar and water until syrupy and leave to cool.
muddle basil leaves in sugar mixure
add lime juice and vodka
shake and serve.

i think this drink will look even lovelier with the martini glass edge coated with green sugar.

Thanks Linda !

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