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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Responsible Homewares

I am in the market for some candle sticks/stands after I saw these on desire to inspire's blog.

I managed to find similar ones in Om at KLCC but they were out of my budget so I thought of supporting handmade things on the etsy shop and chanced upon these recycled alternatives

Copper piping upcycled, how clever. Click to etsy shop

Or what about these hand carved faceted pieces from Jean Pelle. I love the jewelled look and they come in matt silver too.

Then for some reason the search on etsy threw up these glass plates there are melted down in the kiln to produce some stunning plates and bowls. This is from branscomeglass.

Electric blue platters from melting Skyy vodka bottles to produce these beauties by bentbottle

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