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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flower Power

So I am no longer working, sad to say I am a victim of the recession. The dip in markets hit the asthetic medicine industry and one has to trim the fat ie me. The announcement disappointed me but I was grateful for the opportunity. The experience though brief was fulfilling. I now have to find a new job or a new hobby. Employment has always been a tough in Malaysia and so the best I can do is finding a new hobby.

Over the past weeks, I have started decorating the flat with fresh flowers and it is so nice to have them around while I work on my desk or cook in the kitchen and even when I am in my bathroom.

So I decided to be more serious about it and learning more about floral arrangement online and from magazines. The art of floral display is simple but I have seen some amazing arrangements that I would never be able to replicate. So I have taken a course on it. Found a school that teach people who are interested in opening a flower shop or just as a hobby.

I have only taken 3 out of the 20 lessons and already I am thinking of opening my own flower shop and calling it "The Flower Girl" :)

So I learnt several different shapes of arrangements and here they are.

The Triangular Shape Arrangement

Posy shape

Horizontal arrangement

I will be documenting my lessons as I go along. The flower school has asked for volunteers for doing arrangement at a Buddhist temple during Vesak Day next week and I have shamelessly signed up. Hopefully they won't throw me out. :)

Now who needs bouquets ? Order at 1800- The Flower Girl

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