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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home Improvement Weekend

This weekend was home improvement weekend. yesterday I started putting the first coat of paint on the guest room walls. Today I finished it and it doesn't look half bad. T was in charge of rewiring the sound system in the living room. he went out and bought some speakers and now we have surround sound!

I am just getting the room together before Z and D comes and I hope there is time to do every thing.

I am still crap at painting and have already gotten it on the door and the ceiling already.

So what colour did I pick? Once the whole room is done, I will take some pics.

But for now, I'll need some finishing touches like perhaps a bedside lamp. Kartell's Cindy Lamp designed by Laviani is stunning, i will have to find something that is a close to it here in M.

And some wall art. I ordered some wall decals online yesterday but it won't arrive in time. They can make a rather striking statement in a room and I wonder if it might be too larger-than-life for my itsy bedroom. Will wait for them to arrive first and then I will decide.

I was tempted to get this but T will think it's too girly.

So I settled for these instead.

What do you think?


Z said...

the "trees" have more dimension plus love dat little birdie. the chandelier's kinda flat

Datthang said...

true ! and I love that you noticed the little birdie haha.