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Saturday, April 4, 2009

sex on heels

This pair of sexies are courtesy of designer Bruno Frisoni. Very girlie don't you think, perfect for D? Who doesn't like a 4 1/2 incher :) Problem is in the price here.

Since we are on the subject of matching shoe to person, i have decided to look for designs that i think suits each one of my friends.

Picking a pair of patent black knee high boots for M is way too easy. This pair of Christian Louboutins' camel coloured platform heels are screaming M's name. The shoe is so well sculptured and its neutral tone with a hint of naughty red only seen from the back.

As for me, I pick this hot pink pair also Louboutins . I can't get enough of peep toe shoes. Adore the snowflakey embroidery work.

And as for L, a pair of Kate Spade's "Ëllen"peep toe cork wedges. Sassy and chic at the same time. Can see her is a sundress with these, going from school to the beach for an all night party !!

Z will pull these Givenchy off perfectly. She will probably have the lingerie that matches too!!

So what do you think of my choices for you. I love all the shoes really and wish we could do our own version of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants but with shoes instead. We could record our adventures with the shoes with photos and postcards .

anyone in ?!!!


MrsB said...

Haahaha .. I am in babe - love your choice.

Datthang said...

really cool now all we have to do is find a shoe that we all like and start sending. send me your pick and i will circulate it among whoever is interested. you are a size 7 like me right?

Z said...

hmmm how we gonna get one pair that will fit size 5 all the way to size 9??? we can't even let a pair of bra travel among us cos will have to be one that stretches from A-cup to double-D for Mrs B hee hee