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Monday, April 20, 2009

Backside Dancefloor

Last Friday we went out for dinner with T's work mates and their friends at TSB in Bangsar, food was outstanding and the conversation civilised.

After about a bottle of wine apiece, we all agreed to head to the new club in BB called En Vie. Apparently, they just opened and there is an "interactive dancefloor".

There were too many for the car so we had to split up. T drove and I led the way so obviously got lost. Anyway we finally got there and the others had already been to the club and left and were nursing drinks at a different bar next door. I didn't get to see this hyped up dancefloor afterall but T snucked off to have a peak while I was getting drink orders. He came back to report that the place was full of Ah Bengs.

I went online today to see if someone posted a video and found the interactive dancefloor. It was just rubbish. Am not going to post it here just trust me.

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