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Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie to Watch

We bought several dvds when we were last in England and never watched them. Last night, we shook the cobwebs off one and stuck it on. A German film called The Lives of Others. Brillant film, it was on several critics' top ten lists of best films in 2007.

The film was based on the German secret police spying on the cultural scene in Berlin. The key spy started to live vicariously through his subjects and it only amplified the emptiness in his own life. He was finally instrumental in their bittersweet ending. The final scene was especially poignant but I shan't spoil it by talking about it.

Have a great weekend ! D and Z are coming up here tomorrow and we have lots to do like

2. Fancy dinner at Tamarind Hills on Saturday
3. Browsing in the night market in Bangsar
4. 2 and half hours of Decadence in Vila Manja :) and
5. A Wii- face off !

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