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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dream bed for guest room?

As I lie in wait for my lovely friends to visit ALL the way from S, i must get my guest rooom in order. Or else like M and G, you guys might end up sleeping on my couch which may be comfortable, is not exactly how I would like to treat my best friends.

So I am on track looking for a bed, twin or queen, sofa or proper many decisions...... but I think I have just chanced upon a dream bed. Not feasible but wouldn't it be divine to have a bed like this ??

These beds are a feature of a hotel in Berlin called Arte Luise Kunsthotel . I can imagine floating and being lulled to sleep in soft sheets. Like being in a giant cradle. ....yawn....

The rest of the hotel looks pretty amazing as well. Here's one of the seating areas. Wicked wallpaper eh?

plat du jour

how can you not want to throw a party just to display these gems of a plate ?! They are Brazilian Agate Platters.

found on these are on my christmas wish list....

Monday, March 30, 2009

beyond cute

Baby things

My little sister is preggies and we are all very excited. She's looking for ideas to do up the nursery and I have collected some pics of rooms that I like. What do you guys think?

This has a vintage feel

I like the idea of a comfy chair for her and ralph to collapse in when it gets too tiring. And look at the trendy sesame street red trash can, convenient for nappy changes !

And isn't this the cutest toy chest you have ever seen?

Artist of the moment

Came across this fabulous artist, Gillan Bates. She is a sewing genius who transforms threads to lines and uses fabric and paint to do the rest. I am thinking of commissioning an art piece using a photo of klcc as backdrop. Here's some examples of her work.

This is what it looks like close up. Cool eh?

How long can I last this time??

So ladies, you remembered that I started blogging when I first moved to KL and that was almost 3 years ago. I was bored and wanted to desperately keep in touch with you guys so thought blogging was a good idea. Since then, I have lapsed and just last night, I thought I would like to start again. Not exactly sure why this time, but I have had come across so many new things, subjects and pictures that I wished you could experience with me so I guess, my motivation this time is the same as the last.

So here goes, let's see how long I can keep this up eh ?

Now I am on another organizing-my-home/life rampage and I saw these great pictures of a dream ....................................laundry room.

or what about this?

and my favourite is this one with the beautiful vases as washing detergent containers. Genius !