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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dream bed for guest room?

As I lie in wait for my lovely friends to visit ALL the way from S, i must get my guest rooom in order. Or else like M and G, you guys might end up sleeping on my couch which may be comfortable, is not exactly how I would like to treat my best friends.

So I am on track looking for a bed, twin or queen, sofa or proper many decisions...... but I think I have just chanced upon a dream bed. Not feasible but wouldn't it be divine to have a bed like this ??

These beds are a feature of a hotel in Berlin called Arte Luise Kunsthotel . I can imagine floating and being lulled to sleep in soft sheets. Like being in a giant cradle. ....yawn....

The rest of the hotel looks pretty amazing as well. Here's one of the seating areas. Wicked wallpaper eh?

1 comment:

MrsB said...

hahah ... M&G greatly enjoyed the couch, seeing how T enjoyed the sleeping on the floor of the guest room. xx