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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time to Party like its 1995

Today when I was at the supermarket picking up dinner for tonight ,I was told T had invited people over for a game of tennis. Checked my watch and my mind started racing.... hmm people..... I get to feed them.... what to cook what to cook.....

So I made DIY Chicken Tortillas.

Basically it grilled chicken, peppers, caramalised onions and assortment of spreads and cheese. You had to put it together yourself and well as you can guess, it was a pretty messy affair. Still it was very nice. Not bad for throwing dinner together with half hour notice. But now I want to plan another proper dinner party. So I am gathering ideas and came up with some.

How about this canape display idea ! No idea what the purple bits are suppose to be. Can't be food right?

And these lights, I know here it is done outdoors but I think I can replicate them for indoors.

With the level of prep that will go into the next party I think it's best to wait til Christmas. :)

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