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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who knew ?

Thank goodness for friends. Especially girlfriends who always know where best to eat and shop. Last friday, D celebrated her birthday and since she was 6000 miles from home, S made a special dinner reservation at Moxies in Damansara Heights.

The location is not remote but it might as well be in Inner Mongolia for me as I hardly venture beyond the city. The place was known for its steaks and they did impress.

(These pics came from kampungboycitygal)

S had booked the private dining room which was like the rest of the restaurant, very french boudoir. They might as well pipe in the Moulin Rouge soundtrack but instead we got the worst of the 80s ( think richard marx). We had the whole room to ourselves and even though we struggled to understand the waiters, we were happy with the food and service.

There were different choices of meat cuts and the saucier obviously creative ( or bored ) as the options endless including volcanic sambal sauce ( Why ?). Desserts were good too, they even gave the birthday girls a sinfully yummy chocolate lava cake complete with a candle.

After the dinner we were in search of a bar with better music and someone suggested a new bar even further away from the city. Ecoba was the latest addition to KL's drinking scene and housed within an office block that had a really cool industrial feel to it. Fairfaced concrete beams with raw brick walls and floors.

At first glance the bar was very interesting and crowded with happy drinking people. Since it was so full, the only available spot was a group of bean bags on a raised platform. We plonked ourselves there and surveyed the crowds. The scene was quite young and music rather dancey but there was nowhere to boogie. Talking was impossible so everyone was shouting. After one drink, I felt my age and suggested leaving. There was no resistance as we all climbed clumsily out of the seats to head on home.

It was fun night and D had a good time too. Happy birthday again !!

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