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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dim Sum Dollies

On Sundays, Reunion at Bangsar 2 serves up dim sum from 10 am til 3pm. We went for lunch instead. Nobody wants to wake up early on a Sunday not even for dim sum.

It was a ladies lunch and I had booked for 5. The couple bailed last minute. Queens you see, and newly weds too so they were probably still in bed cooing at each other.

Nevertheless the 3 of us at a lovely time. The dim sum this time, compared to the last experience in Singapore, was freshly prepared to order and much more satisfying.

The little bamboo baskets came bursting with steam and each dumpling or siew mai was succulent and sinfully good. We also ordered a mix platter of roast pork and duck. The meats were fatty and skin crispy, it was served with mustard for the duck and a tart honey sauce for the pork. Too good to describe.

Lunch only ended at 3 and after having 7 dishes and a dessert each, it came up to RM 130. By local standards it was expensive but I thought it was cheap as chips and I want to go back as soon as possible.

(pics via photoblog)

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