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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bali Final Night

On the eve of our departure, we were still shopping til the sun went down. Kudeta doesn't stand a chance against Jalan Raya Seminyak.

By then I was carrying 4 bags and my feet were sore. We hopped into a cab and headed back for champagne in our pool.

Champagne became vodka peach cocktails and by 10pm we were ready to party. D was the designated make up artist and I the model :)

When we actually left the villa, she was rather perked . Huú bar was the club of choice.

Still a sexy looking place and expanded. The shop gallery is no longer, they are now making it a private dining spot. Mark, the bar manager came up and introduced himself. D cornered him and started going on about something. Me and Z just went straight to the bar to drink.

The bar still had those gorgeous lamps, this time in dirty yellow and D bought one. It is the same one as mine but with black flecks.

The garden area is now filled with tables and you can fall right onto their giant pillows on the grass. How cool. High heels and mabok ? No fear cos of the soft landing !!

We were downing strawberry daiquiris and D and Z hit the dancefloor. D was moving around so much she didn't realise that she stabbed this girl's ankle with her stiletto.

All I heard was a scream and a woman lying on the dancefloor writhing in agony. I was not at the crime scene, busy talking to some Republican who then moved away after I said T worked in AJ hahahha.

At 1 am, the lights came on and the music stopped !! Huú shuts really early and we were not happy. Especially D who kept requesting for Jackson songs. By this time, she was shouting shouting hahhaa.

The manager said he was going to be at Embargo so we decided that we would too. Getting into the cab we snagged a stranger, he left his mates to join us. No idea who he was but he was rather entertaining.

D was the star though, Man in the Mirror was sung over and over again til we got to Kuta. Music at Embargo can only be described as house, electric and drug-induced. Still, we took to the podium and started gyrating like its 1979. :)

At 3am, we were quite toasted and so left the club in search of food. Our cab driver was the sweetest, he took us to a side street hawker and we bought some nasi that was out of this world. Z even bought a pack for him. Good girl.

Finally at 4am, we collapsed into bed, happy drunks.

The next morning, we got up feeling less human but a dip in the icce cold pool sobered us up. My flight out of Bali was at 2.30pm so not much time to do anything else. I got the spa to send someone over to give me a massage and that was sooooooo good.

Breakfast was from Cabe Rawit. I remember their lontong sayur and Z yearned for their bubur ayam.

Cabe Rawit

Jl. Kunti 8
Seminyak 80361
BALI, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 7440 995
Fax: +62 361 7440 995

Amazing food, I am definitely going back there again.........

I think this is one of the best trips we have taken and we wish everyone including L and M could have joined us.

Same time next year perhaps?

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