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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Divine Lebanese Fare

On Friday night, we were invited over to Bahar's place for dinner. She is a pastry chef running a cafe as well as a yoga centre. I used to go but now spend more time in the gym instead. I met her two years ago and since then, we have become good friends.

I spend quite a lot of time visiting her, usually with me cycling over to her house where she runs her businesses. We spend long afternoons upstairs where her family have their private quarters or downstairs in her cafe and her kitchen, chatting while she bakes. She and her husband are Iranian and are very generous and interesting. I always end up eating lunch there and invited to try all the pastries she makes.

Her life is extremely full, what with the yoga teaching, the cafe, now she's starting aa restaurant. Not only does the work demand 200% of her time, she also an adorable 2 year old who like all 2 year olds, just want to run around and wants attention. On top of all that, B is also now pregnant and has been sick all the time. She said with her first, Maya, she was ill up to the point of giving birth. Poor love.

On Friday, we were invited to her place because her new chef started work. They are starting a Lebanese restaurant and wanted us to taste his dishes. The food was simple but stunning. Fresh salads with mint and parsley and sweet sweet tomatoes, hummus and warm pita bread baked that day and a mushroom beef potato dish. Memories of our trip to Beirut flooded back.

I wanted to take pics of the dinner but started eating and never stopped except to make polite conversation. I did take some photos of the little darling though.

T said the baby reminds him of Rethi :) Always smiling.

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