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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love me Love My Chair

When I first met T, I remembered being introduced to his furniture. It was a mixture of wow and eeee. Over the years, I have weeded out the eee and we are now developing our own twosome style.

However, I have not yet been successful in the disposal of the chairs. They were designed by his mate who was back then a budding creator of all things scrap metallish and recon materials.

The two chairs are, in my opinion, absolutely hideous and it is a well known fact that I loathe them. But I have not been able to, though I desperately want to, set fire on them.

I guess it is sentimentality that is holding me back. They are afterall, a piece of someone's history.

Close up , the fabric is recon from London tube trains

I can't begin to comprehend what he was thinking when he made this.

Anyway, I have been perusing the shops in search for the perfect replacement chair. I have been using the top chair ( cos I dislike it less ) as my study chair and my patience has run out.

I have been lusting over different chairs and it was a tough decision.

This one is made from aluminium and someone I know has them and they are quite retro cool. Made famous by the set in Hugh Laurie's House.

The Starck Ghost chair always has a place in my heart but I think it is bit too cool for my house.
So after much thought, I have made my final decision and bought this, a copy of Eames DAW bucket chair in lime yellow.

Right now, it is being molded in some Chinese factory and will be delivered in 2 months. love..

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