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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fuji Rock

Was out on friday night drinks with some of T's work mates. Few of the guys there were talking excitedly and it seems that they have all got tickets to to Japan's annual Fuji Rock Festival.

It is like Glastonbury but unlike it in many ways. Expect lush camping grounds not muddy cesspools. Expect well organised tents, elaborate food halls, civilised queueing and the lot.

The line up is impressive too with Oasis opening and others like Lily Allen, The Jets ..

There are also areas for family fun, cable cars to more remote areas where you are asked to dress up and act like children and play with flying foxes and dragonflies!!

You are required to bring your own ash trays to smoke, and I expect all the locals would. They are so tidy , these Japanese.

The guys are flying up on Thursday and they have printed out flags to post on top of their tents so they can find them in the sea of over 100,000 tents.

Their mascot ? ----- Dingo ate my Hello Kitty.

hahahahhaha. Have to get a copy of the flag and post it, it is absolutely hilarious.

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