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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thai Delight

Today is V's birthday, we met up for lunch at Damansara's Thai Village Place. The facade of the buillding looked rather drab but it was packing a crowd in there. M was already there and she ordered the starters.

Have had these at Chatuchak before and found them delish! Since there I don't know why I never order them at Thai restaurants because I always enjoy them.

Thai Meang Khum or Betelnut with lots of codiments.

These photos are from Seasaltwithfood and she's also given the recipe. The filling includes dried lime skins and grated ginger. The ones we had today had roasted coconut shavings and green chilli padi. The sauce was plummy unlike in these photos which are more sambal like.

Since it was v's birthday and she took real good care of me when I was in hospital, I bought a nice gift hamper from Acca Kappa for her. Acca Kappa is a brand that is similar to L'Óccitane or Crabtree & Evelyn. They have a rather nice collection of soaps, hand creams, body lotions etc.

My personal favourite is the Calycanthus, a blend of jasmine, honey, orange blossum and mask. But they have a product that I like- solid perfume. The scent comes in a pot much like lip glass and you apply it on as a cream. The scent is suppose to last as long as two days as it is so concentrated.

They only have it for the White Moss collection which has wood, amber and moss. Not bad but I prefer the former.

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