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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Image Enhancing Doll

Mattel has just launched a new doll that aims promote self confidence in little girls. The perfectly coiffed Barbie is deemed to be too psychologically damaging to the young egos.

This new doll is quite the opposite of Barbie, she is modelled after a size 14, rather unattractive and sad 30 something. Plain Pamela is designed to make little girls feel better about themselves. Press a button and there will be 24 preprogrammed phrases like "I wish I was as pretty as you" or "Go out and have fun without me".

It is hilarious, the doll comes with several hair options like Too-long, Too-short, Just-woke-up or ( my fav), "What's-the-Point-of-Even-Trying-Anymore-It's-Not-Like-It's-Going-to-Make-a-Difference"!! Brillant.

Mattel says if this doll sells then they will release the sets like Plain Pamela Cramped Studio Apartment, complete with special Dinner-for-One Kitchenette and Depressing Stack of Old People Magazines !!!!!!

See the whole article here.

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