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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holiday Dreaming

The Indonesians must be burning their forests again. Skies in KL are a constant grey and the air is dense and has an rather unappetising odour. Coupled with 30 degree heat, it leaves you feeling sticky and sluggish.

I am leaving to go to Singapore next week and hope the weather there will be better although I am not optimistic.

However there is a plan to head to Bali early July and I am relishing the thoughts of blue skies and cool sea breezes ( the drink as well ).

I want these pieces of luggage from Streamline to pack for my trips. Shame they only retail in the West.

I booked a hotel for the Singapore stay already and I am quite excited about seeing the place. The Quincy is brand new and has an all inclusive rate, a first in town. The room comes with 3 meals a day, free parking, free mini bar, free evening cocktails and it is right on Orchard Road!!

The rooms boast luxe fittings and there is a rather cool pool on the top floors.

I like !!

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