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Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling better thank you.

It is almost a week since I came back from the hospital and I am feeling much better. Thanks to lots of calls and visits from friends. Yesterday I felt strong enough to leave the house for about 2 hours but that was the extent of my adventure. At the end of the 2 hours, on my way back in the cab, I was breathless!!

My horrible rash is slowing disappearing but my calves still stained a sickly kidney red and splotched with white spots.

I did muster enough energy to cook over the last few days and made some comfort feed.....pork wontons!

This is a pic from Chubby Hubby, mine doesn't look quite like that but tasted just as yummy.

The weekend is upon us and we might head out for dinner. I might even have a glass of wine. The restuarant is Max and they have moved to a new bungalow so I am looking forward to it. Have a great weekend everyone.

Z will be in KL for work next week, I am sure I will be up and about by then!!

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