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Monday, June 1, 2009

First Hospital Visit

I have never been so ill before. Dengue affects so many here in Malaysia, and I thought I was lucky to avoid it but guess not. The fever hit a week ago and just drained me completely. The platelet count of a healthy individual is between 150-400, I tested 138 on Sunday and 103 the next day. After that it started freefalling. When count drops to 20, I would need a platelet infusion. Everyday, the nurses would come and get blood from me twice a day. When my platelets went from 46 to 41 then went up to 50, it was Thurs. I was overjoyed. The prospect of going home was high.

The fever was gone, the doctor removed the iv need from my arm saying that it was very likely that I can go home if the count went from 50 t0 60. I was finally feeling better.

The results came back and it was 29. I just couldn't believe it and the doctor had no answers. The iv needle went back in, god was that painful. That very night, they rushed to the blood bank and got me platelets.

When they pumped it in, my arm was freezing, all very bizarre. Anyway, then I started a rash that spread to my entire body. At first they appeared as red dots then the dots got bigger and merged and my skin is now a dark kidney red and there are white islands of dots all over too. Now my arms and legs are swollen and if i stood up, the pressure in my hands and feet is very uncomfortable.

Well anyway in a few days, I will be better.

Got sent a funny video that really cheered my up today.

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