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Friday, June 26, 2009

Games for a Rainy Day

The skies were a deep grey even though it was only 12 noon today. We could hear thunder and soon it was chucking it down. Our golf game however will not be interrupted despite the weather because we were playing it indoors. KL's indoor city golf is at Bangsar Shopping Centre and they recently slashed their hourly prices from RM 100 to R M 50.

We arranged for G to meet us there for lunch and then a play. I have been to this once about 6 months ago and it is quite a lot of fun. Though it is only a simulation, it is supposed to be quite accurate. You play with actual clubs and you hit a ball as you would normally on a real course. Either bring your own clubs or use any of the sets placed at each booth. It is the predecessor of the Wii but with more grit.

You can choose to play at any of the world famous courses too and there is a bar too so you are never far from a beer or some wine. It is perfect for rainy days and no worries about getting sun burnt too!

Hurray for technology!

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