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Monday, June 8, 2009

Lock and Load

Famous words by Denny Crane, my ever favourite TV character. We follow the Boston Legal series very closely and am sad to see it go.

Denny Crane, an eternal optimist, fearless and wildly romantic is what I want to grow up to be. I am trying to get T to dress more like Crane, I love his sharp suits and matching tie and pocket squares.

Buying pocket squares are not easy here, no one seem to be too interested in producing them. I went shopping for some ties yesterday and I intend to buy the matching fabric in Little India to make my own pocket squares.

Ferragamo was having a sale and their ties are very unique. The colours are super bright and the details charmingg though they are often so tiny, you have to strain your eyes before noticing that the blue dots are mini elephants or the stripes are make up of goldfish.

I bought 3 ties, a yellow one had a sailboat print on it, a red one with poppies as dots and a green floral one with pink accents.

Can't find a photo of the ties I bought but here is one I found online that is quite cute too.

See the elephants !

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