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Monday, August 31, 2009

Spa in the Sky

On Sunday, our lovely friend Paddy invited us over to the Traders hotel for a bit of pampering. The spa was launching their signature foot massages and wanted a few ladies to try them out. How can one resist ?! 5 of us gathered at tea time and met at the hotel's top floor , Skybar

We were served with cocktails while the staff prepared the space and soon we were seated and more drinks and magazines were offered. The foot massage was tender and very relaxing, unlike the brutal experiences you pay for in chinese traditional joints. Still they hit some of my sore spots and I did a bit of cringing.

The bliss ended all too quickly and soon we were yawning and feeling totally chilled out. After the massage, the staff ushered us downstairs with more drink offers and even snacks.

Brillant way to have a lazy Sunday I say.

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