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Friday, August 28, 2009

Baking with B

B runs a lovely little french cafe and I always harboured working/learning in her kitchen. I think most chefs and especially pastry chefs are highly particular people and the kitchen is their private club and it is hard to get an invite. Thankfully we are good friends and one day I popped tthe question about me helping out. She said yes!! and I started going there this week.

On Wednesday, we got an order from a stunning looking Persian customer, big sunglasses, silk scarf, very Sophia Loren. Anyway, she requested for Baamieh, a sweet that is popular during Ramadan when breaking fast. It is sweet and lovely with some hot tea.

Baamieh is essentially fried dough dunked in sugar sugar spiked with rose water. Sugar and water is combined with eggs and beaten.

Then we formed little lumps and deep fried them til golden brown.

When they are done, they go into the sugar bath and Voila ! Baamieh.

Who doesn't like a bit of sugar coated fried dough eh?

When the work was done, I was treated to a bit of lunch. B made pasta and you can see that I gobbled it up rather quickly. Baguette came straight out of tthe oven, piping hot and smelt crazy good.

On Thursday, I was back in there with my apron. This time we made 3 types of biscotti:- plain, cranberry + almonds and finally coffee ( favourite) .

Toyi pictured here works in the kitchen, so he did the prep work and laid out the ingredients neatly in a row.

Here is the pic of the cranberry biscotti before it went in for the first bake.

After half hour of baking, the smell in the kitchen was just divine.

Second baking takes longer, about an hour but first we had to slice it.

It was a good day.................. I will be back in there come Monday.

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