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Monday, August 17, 2009

Day One in Project Lanka

Today we put Project Lanka into action. The idea of building a house in Sri Lanka has been on our minds for over 3 years now but never gained currency. The civil unrest and the poor tourist figures were some of the reasons but also because we had no idea how too go about doing something like that.

We still don't know how to, but about a month ago, we came across a magazine that featured a lovely Malaysian house made out of bamboo and concrete. I contacted the architects, Design Unit and made an appointment with the chief. After several emails and 2 meetings, today we sat down with him and shook hands on it.

We are both excited and nervous for it is a huge commitment and we have no clue if it is the right thing to do but we can't wait to find out. Leap of faith.

J, an englishman living in KL for the past decade, is experienced in building green and sustainable houses and it is this that piqued our interest in his work. He spoke of designing spaces that reflect the land and using unique building materials and technology and the challenge of our limited budget will force us to look to these alternatives.

The first trip to Tangalle has to be made before the house concept is born and he didn't flinch when I suggested camping on the land so that is promising, ( or quick reflexes).

I will be documenting Project Lanka and keeping tabs on the challenges we face along the way.

I know what I want - outdoor campfire gathering spaces where we can have bbqs or simply sit under the stars.

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