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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinner with Friends

Last night we had some friends over for a small dinner party. Planned a Lebanese menu a week ago courtesy of Saha cookbook and I wanted a Mideast theme to the decor too. Wildy ambitious I know, so at the last minute, I ditched the idea and catered instead. Lebanese cuisine takes too much prep time and I have to do it all myself, T was at work.

The chef made 4 mezze platters, we had baba ganoush, chickpea hummous, eggplant stew, spiced potato and to wipe it all up, he provided stacks of warm fresh bread. De-lish! I didn't have time to take pics cos when the food arrived, the guests spared no time diving in.

One of our mates brought us a fresh rack of lamb and we fired up the stove and roasted it right there and then. It was juicy and fatty and so good.

I made strawberry mojitos and it complemented the dishes quite well.

Here the only photos I took.

The champagne bowl was a recent purchase in Bali.

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