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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Earlier in the year there was a huge storm and one of the roads leading to our condo was blocked by a fallen tree.

The authorities chopped up the tree the next day but left debris all over the side of the road. T, who goes by that road everyday spotted part of a tree stump left as debris and without telling me, brought it home and presented it to me like it was a trophy. ( In his last life, he must have been a lumberjack).

T loves wood, craves wood. most of his furniture is wooden and the more organic it is, the better. It has been months since the stump's homecoming and it is now sitting in the back waiting for debutante as a .....well something.

I have been entrusted with the task of finding use for the thing and ideas have been forming.

As a tray

As a support for coffee table tops or a stool

As a side table

( via laurie owen )

Or if I have a group of them, I can create this stack as a low table.

My stump has a 20 cm diameter and is about 1 metre tall, so I could turn out a couple of trays or two short side tables. Will post pics if we do complete this DIY job.

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