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Monday, August 24, 2009

Slow Monday

Weekend came and went but not worth talking about. Had to attend an acquaintance birthday party but we snuck on home before the cake. It was one of those parties where one had to mingle and I was not in any social mood. One guy I spoke to was somewhat interesting. He claims his grandfather was a NY mafia gangleader and ran Harlem back during Prohibition days and that these days his cousins are running downtown. Anyway, forgot his surname or else I could wiki him.

Went to the Popular book fair at the convention centre today and picked up some titles. One of them being The Book Thief by Australian author Marcus Zusak. The setting is Nazi Germany and the story is narrated by Death. I sense this might be one of those tearful stories like when I read Kiterunner, which reminds me that I should still try and watch the movie.

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