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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kampung Life in the City

Life in KL just got more charming. I first heard about the van lady ago but never had the opportunity or the need to contact her. My fav. supermarket was just a bike ride a way and they stock all sorts of imported groceries. Recently I found out that van lady stations herself at the condo next door every Tues and Sat at 7-8pm.

Today is Tuesday and I didn't have time to do a shop so I waited til the time came and strolled to my neighbours.There were two vans and 2 ladies. Each van opens up like a transformer toy unveiling all sorts of treasures. You can get fresh veggies, cheese, fruits, meats, tinned food. There are sundries too like toilet paper, smokes, cleaning agents, brooms and sponges. It was quite a sight. I am told you can order anything from them and they will bring it to you.

The prices were also very close to supermarket rates and the quality was very high.
The vans are refrigerated so the fruits and veggies are plump. I got quite excited at the sight of the broccoli ( I know, such a housewife eh?)

How do they keep everything in place? Here's a closeup.

The van is bursting at the seams and it is a funny sight to see auntie climb deep into the mobile to pull something out for a customer.

This is how you pay for your goods. She weighs them on the traditional scales and everything is per kilo so you pay for what you want. That's my box of groceries, I picked out some peppers, mushroom, salmon, chicken, basil and cheese.


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