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Friday, September 18, 2009

Whatever Whenever

That is the motto of the W hotel. Whatever , Whenever. You can ask for anything, and R did. She wanted to go swimming at the rooftop pool and didnt have a swimsuit, so she got them to go buy one for her and send it to the room!

For the last night we splurged out and booked the W for a night. The hotel is uber cool. Here is a shot of the lift. The TV screen you stand on regards you with a Good morning or afternoon depending on the time of day.

The W logo is massive and the first thing you see when you enter the lobby. Behind the logo is a video of flames, totally Hell's Kitchen feel.

All the rooms have fab views and here's ours. The bed is the star though, you sink into it and it is like sleeping in a cloud.

Because it was pissing down, we could not enjoy the hotel pool but how I wished I did.

That is a mosaic wall, stunning isn't it? The view from the deck chairs is of the HK island, like the one in our rooms.

For the last night, we were invited to the races at Happy Valley. T'ss friend is part of a syndicate that owns 6 horses. Two of them were racing that night and we were invited to go watch and gamble some.

The security didn't like me cos I was in jeans ( no one told me that there was a dress code !!)

We didn't win anything though but the scene was electric. P's horse came in second and we were just jumping up and down in excitement.

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