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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walking Hong Kong

Tomorrow we fly to Hong Kong and will be there for a whole week. It's baby christening on Sunday and we have been invited to stay with them on Clearwater bay for the weekend but we will spend the remaining days in Hong Kong Island.

Ginny and hubby are also heading up tomorrow for a weekend, and Rethi has settled in so it will be great fun catching up with everyone in the numerous bars along Soho or LWF.

I will have so much time to shop but want to see the rural side of HK. Just outside the bustle of HK, you can find lush forests and mountain ranges. There are many beautiful hiking trails that lead to untouched beaches and ancient villages but I didn't where to start.

Then I found Jackie Peers, a professional photographer online. She runs WalkHongKong that organizes walking tours to these hidden and obscure spots. Jackie also gives photography tours and teaches amateurs to better use their camera. I was really keen on doing that with her but due to time constraints, we can only do one walk with her- The Dragon's Back Hike.

"The Dragon's Back trail was hailed by Time Magazine as Asia´s best urban hike ``This is the city´s finest and most surprising ramble... The glory of it all is that you´re so close to the city, but could hardly feel further away´´. "

I hope it is not too hard on the feet cos I haven't hiked for ages. This walk will take 3 hours and looking at the photo, it is probably all uphill.

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