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Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch in Bangsar

The day started off really badly, my tennis coach cancelled half hour before the lesson, the house phone line went down for no reason, then the internet crashed. The Telco guy came around and poked around for over an hour, mumbled something unintelligent and left. I spent the next hour on the phone trying to get in touch with the phone company only to be put on hold for another hour and then talking to more morons. Sigh, not a good morning.

We had to leave the house, shake off the bad karma so drove down to Bangsar for lunch. The WIP at Bangsar shopping centre went through a facelift few months ago and I always liked their char kway teow so popped in to have a look.

The whole place looks amazing. Very urban, a little kudeta sans seaview, nice modern feel.

I had the char kway teow and T had the tandoori chicken. Great lunch still and might come back for the cocktails.

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Hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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