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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today is my birthday and T has offered to make me breakfast on couch. I think I smell sausages, eggs and something else, kippers maybe. Anyway, I am just famished, need to soak up the alcohol from last night. We had dinner at Tamarind Springs with some few friends and there was one bottle of wine too many.

It still is one of my fav joints to have dinner with good food. I started the dinner with a Tamarind Martini which was really yummy. The cuisine is laotian, vietnamese and burmese so there were banana flower salads to steam snakehead fish in lime and chilli to thick coconut curries. All tasty.

Malaysia is still celebrating Hari Raya so at dinner we were treated to some fireworks in a distance.

During the day, we were browsing in Robinsons and there were these stunning retro kitchen scales from Typhoon, a UK brand.

I picked the black one though the cream one would better match our vespa. Dont' you think?

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