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Friday, September 18, 2009

Back from HK

Spent 7 nights in the bright city of Hong Kong and now home. The trip was one long adrenaline rush, people to see and places to go, no time for R&R at all. Weather however was not on our side and Typhoon signal was hoisted to 8 on two days. Nonetheless, we went out and poked around the streets to see whats shaking.

By pure chance, I found a brochure map of Star Street, just off Pacific Place on HK island. The past few years HK have seen a burst of chic little shops in old beaten up back streets. Star street has become like Soho, with little designer pizzerias, boutiques and coffee shops.

Classified Mozzarella Bar was the first one on the corner, with seating for no more than 8. It is unassuming and offers patrons light lunches and gourmet products for takeaway.

OVO home has a flagship store there too and they have lovely household items like stained glass vases, designer furniture and rugs.

My absolute favourite was this shop Sonjia. Entering the corner lot shop felt like entering a secret alcove. The rickety doors open onto a tiny space filled with hand made pottery and glassware but go through a second set of doors and you come to the clothes section where each garment was one of a kind and housed in a dramatic room with vintage chairs and a stuffed peacock.

The hand crafted electric blue goblets stole my heart but I could not resist the natural stone coasters. Each piece was unique and I settled on two, the pale grey /brown and a purple/cobalt blue/pink .

When you hold it up against the light, the true beauty reveals herself.

They are now sitting pretty on my desk. Stunning.

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